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Lumatek Tekken Pro DE MIRO®

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Lumatek Tekken Pro Double Ended Base Reflector with Miro® surface 98% Reflectivity

The Lumatek Tekken Pro DE MIRO® is a premium professional grade reflector designed specifically for grow room and grow tent use. The closed end design is vented to allow heat dissipation and focuses the light straight down into a 1.2 x 1.2m to 1.5 x 1.5m footprint, depending on the selected grow lamp. This is a High performing double ended reflector with innovative SPPDS-A DE base lamp holders designed for use with all Lumatek Double Ended grow lamps. Optimal performance under 630W CMH DE, 600W 400V DE and 1000W 400V DE Grow Lamps.

The Tekken Pro DE is produced using MIRO® reflective surface material which is made from purest aluminium 99.99% and super reflective oxide layer system giving 98 % reflectivity making this the most reflective materials on the market.

The Tekken Pro DE can be used with any high PAR/PPF output Double Ended grow lamps rated up to 1000W on the different technologies HPS, CMH, Ceramic HPS or MH.

This high quality growlight reflector creates excellent penetration and a uniform square spread of light with no hot spots so that plants grow evenly. The closed end design and excellent reflective surface ensures maximum light intensity focused straight down onto plants with very little light wasted. Designed and engineered in the UK by Lumatek, this premium reflector comes disassembled for shipping optimization, clear assembling instructions on the Manual or Video are available. Hammertone aluminium 92% reflectivity version also available.

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